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The RBM working groups for vector control, case management, malaria in pregnancy and multi-sectoral action will reconvene for their annual meetings in Geneva, Switzerland and in Maputo, Mozambique, to refine their priorities and discuss their work plans for the next year.

In an attempt to streamline the working groups’ affirmative actions, the events will take place back-to-back to facilitate cooperation among all participants across working groups. 

The RBM Partnership welcomes you to sign up now! The registration is now open. For more information click here:

14th Annual Meeting of the Vector Control Working Group, January 30 – February 1

2nd Annual Meeting of the Multi-sectoral Working Group, February 4 - 5

10th Annual Meeting of the Case Management Working Group, February 6 - 8

20th Annual Meeting of the Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group, February 12-14