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Global Health Campus, Geneva, Switzerland
Wed, 6-2-2019 - Fri, 8-2-2019

The 10th Annual Meeting of the Case Management Working Group took place at the Global Health Campus in Geneva from February 6 - 8. Over three days, 68 participants discussed emerging themes in case management and the restructuring of the group. The objectives of the meeting were:

  • To convene the global malaria partners to share experience and evidence on best practices for improving malaria case management
  • To identify priority areas of work and deliverables for the coming year
  • To determine appropriate methods of work and focal points for identified priorities and timelines for deliverables.

General Information

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

A brief update on the CMWG, February 2019


Day One

Elizabeth Juma & Larry Barat - Background and Objectives

Andrea Bosman - Update on malaria case management policies and guidelines

Larry Barat - CMWG Membership 2019 Survey Results

Daddi Wayessa - RBM Update

Elizabeth Juma & Larry Barat - CMWG Breakout Groups

Day Two

Elizabeth Juma - Improving quality of Malaria Diagnosis

Pierre Hugo - Update on drug pipeline and market introduction

Julie Thwing - Are we achieving universal access to malaria testing in health facilities?

Pascal Ringwald - Situation of antimalarial drug efficacy and resistance

Day Three

CMWG Activities and Priorities 2019

Updates from other working groups

Malaria in Pregnancy

Vector Control

Monitoring and Evaluation

Social and Behaviour Change