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Sixth annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group

07 - 02 - 2011 to 09 - 02 - 2011
Geneva, Switzerland

At its largest meeting to date, 136 members of the Roll Back Malaria Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) gathered for the 6th time to discuss current and emerging issues on global malaria vector control. Representing a range of regions, national programmes and organizations, participants reviewed progress made to date by the working group’s eight workstreams. A work plan for 2011 was also established, to be coordinated with WHO’s Global Malaria Programme and partners.

General Information

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda

Communique of the Meeting


Don de Savigny - Summary LLIN Distribution Systems

Albert Kilian - LLIN Durability

Christian Lengeler - Optimal choice of VC methods

Steve Lindsay - Larva Source Management

Jo Lines - VC progress and issues

Jo Lines - VCWG budget process 2010-11

Michael Macdonald - VCWG objectives

Michael Macdonald - VCWG opening

Michael Macdonald - Where there is no house

Shiva Murugasampillay - IRS overview 2010-11s

Jason Peat - AMP

Jacob Williams - Entomology monitoring and IVM


Amajoh - Achieving Universal caverage of LLINs in Nigeria

Adeogun - Efficacy of a combination LLIN

Durnez - ITNs, IRS,… Do we miss something???

Labiofam - Effectiveness of the biolarvicides in the larval control

Malamud - The IR-4 Public Health Pesticides Program

Penas - EU RTD Granting process

Ranson - African Vector Control: New Tools

Meeting Summary

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