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The RBM Partnership to End Malaria is pleased to announce it has now opened a call for nominations for the Strategic Communications Partner Committee (SCPC) Co-Chair vacancy. The details of the nomination and selection process, which is in line with the RBM Partner Committee Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) approved in November 2017, are provided in this document, also available in French).

Any person with significant experience in the field of global health and/or development, including both public and private sector experience, and who is committed to the RBM Partnership vision of a world free from the burden of malaria is eligible to be considered for the role of the SCPC Co-Chair. Candidates should be prominent leaders in the global malaria community and/or individuals who are able to ensure consistent resourcing of the RBM Partnership mechanisms or global efforts to fight malaria.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is Monday 21 August 2023.


Co-chair Application Strategic Communications Partner Committee