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Glion, Switzerland
Mon, 21-6-2010 - Tue, 22-6-2010

The 15th SME WG Annual Meeting that was held from 21 to 22 June 2010, in Glion, Switzerland, brought together 34 in-person SME WG participants from 10 countries. 

Meeting Objectives:

  • Review findings of expert consultation on mortality and implications for impact evaluation
  • Review the role of modeling in M&E
  • Discuss support to various GF initiatives including the next round of applications, current initiatives on M&E, and programmatic measurement
  • Review current status of data collection, use of data, and global level reports
  • Consider new indicators and new estimation methods based on survey data
  • Update on recent capacity building initiatives and discuss future needs
  • Review MERG Administrative issues: To discuss MERG roles and responsibilities in the RBM Partnership and its “harmonized workplan”, membership, participation in and actions of the Task Forces, and other MERG issues


Fifteenth SME WG Meeting - report
Fifteenth SME WG Meeting - actions