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Accra, Ghana
6 - 8 February 2023

General Information

Meeting Report

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     Joint Workshop VCWG & MSWG

     Field Trip


List of Participants

List of Posters

VCWG-18 Brief Update

Feedback & Evaluation

Session 1 - Updates from Vector Control Community

Justin McBeath (VCWG) - Introductions, objectives, key updates

Corine Ngufor (VCWG) - Overview of agenda and objectives for VCWG-18

Keziah Malm (NMEP) - Progress to Malaria Elimination in Ghana

Philippe Batienon, Marsha Deda (RBM Partnership to End Malaria) - Update from RBM Partnership to End Malaria

Seth Irish (WHO GMP) - Update on malaria vector surveillance and control work at WHO

Marion Law, Dominique Schuler, Jude Onwujei (WHO-PQT/VCP) - Update from WHO PQ/VCP and status of Guideline: Prequalification of Insecticide Treated Nets (ITNs)

Kate Kolaczinski (The Global Fund) - Global Fund update on vector control financing

Lilia Gerberg (PMI)PMI malaria vector control policy and strategy updates 2023

Matthew Black & Kelsey Barrett (Unitaid) - Strategic investments in vector control – A donor perspective on innovation


Session 2 - Work Stream Sessions
WS1: Enhancing Impact of Core Interventions

Allan Were, Mary Kante Introduction of WS1 and Task team leaders

Task Team 4: Addressing non-biological threats - ITN/IRS quality, access and use/acceptance, durability/residual efficacy

Corine Ngufor (CREC),  Jackline Martin (KCMU, NIMR) - Durability testing of the bioefficacy of dual active ingredient ITNs, durability methods, and data from dual AI ITN monitoring

Keith Esch (VectorLink, PMI)Physical and insecticidal durability of dual active ingredient and PBO ITNs: Results from 24-month surveys

Rock Aikpon (NMCP Benin) - Increase in the malaria entomological inoculation rate following indoor residual spraying withdrawal in Atacora, Benin

Medard Rukaari (NMCP Uganda)Long-lasting insecticide-treated net repurposing practices and their predictors among households in Ibanda district, western Uganda

Tara Seethaler (CHAI) - Rethinking Post Market Monitoring

Task Team 1: Using data to inform optimal selection of core interventions

Ketty Ndhlovu (NMCP Zambia)School-based ITN distribution (1) Policy, People and Resources: Why some countries have scaled up school-based distribution, others have not, and subsequent recommendations

Chrispin Williams (NMCP Liberia) - School-based ITN distribution (2) Case study: Liberia’s experience with school-based distribution: pilot & scale-up

VCWG WS1 Task Teams - Practical checklist for using routine data to measure VC impact

Task Team 2: Addressing biological threats; new insecticides for vector control (for IRS and ITNs)

Njelembo Mbewe (LSHTM, KCMUCo), Patrick Tungu (NIMR) - Non-inferiority experimental hut and community (Phase III) cluster randomized indoor residual spraying evaluation trials of Vectron™ T500 against malaria vectors in Tanzania

Pie Mueller (Swiss TPH)Sub-lethal exposure to chlorfenapyr kills Plasmodium parasites in surviving insecticide-resistant Anopheles mosquitoes

Joe Wagman (New Nets Project) Estimating the malaria prevention impact of dual active ingredient insecticide-treated nets: Results from the New Nets Project pilot evaluations

Task Team 3: Capacity building, localization, and private sector involvement for sustainable vector control

Jessica Rockwood, Samuel Asiedu - Capacity building, localization, and private sector involvement for sustainable vector control: Oct 18 Special Session Outcomes and Next Steps Vision for capacity building

Anastasia Isodje (Nigeria LNG, Ltd.)Private Sector Partnership With Host Community To Achieve Malaria Elimination In Bonny Island

Augustine Firima (MSH Nigeria) - Local resource mobilization to support ITN distributions: Lessons learned from Nigeria


WS2: Expanding the Vector Control Toolbox

Sheila Ogoma, Derric Nimmo - Introduction: work stream updates

Task Team 2: Innovations in vector control and vector surveillance

Jason Richardson (IVCC) - Closing the gap

John Grieco (University of Notre Dame) - Spatial repellents: Roadmap to global recommendation of spatial repellents for public health use

Neil Lobo (University of Notre Dame, UCSF)Shifting the conventional paradigm on evaluating interventions

Syeda Tullu Bukhari (ICIPE) - Microsporidia MB for malaria control

Kevin Gorman (Oxitec) - Self-Limiting Mosquitoes: A new tool against the invasive malaria vector, Anopheles stephensi

Task Team 3: Anthropology and human-centered design (interface between vector control and human behavior)

April Monroe (Johns Hopkins Center) - Task team updates - Task team on anthropology and human-centered design in vector control

Beatrice Egid (LSTM) - Update on List of Experts - Human behaviour in the context of vector control: list of experts

Mark Rowland (LSHTM) - Over-spraying in IRS trials: a real or imagined problem

Neil Lobo (University of Notre Dame, UCSF) - Using data to inform optimal selection of core interventions: Human behavior and exposure to mosquitoes

Task Team 1: Larval source management

Monique Shanahan (UP ISMC), Climate change increases the risk of malaria transmission in South Africa

Joseph Chabi (Abt Associates) - Climate change increases the risk of malaria transmission in South Africa

Dawit Logita (University of Hawassa, Ethiopia) - Enhanced Survivorship and Fecundity of Malaria Vector Around Irrigation Scheme in Ethiopia

Fatou Ndiaye (LEVP/UCAD)Distribution and dynamics of An. arabiensis breeding sites in three health districts with high malaria incidence, Diourbel, Touba and Kaolack (Senegal)

Wrap up

Sheila Ogoma, Derric Nimmo - New work stream co-lead, the future of WS2; what would be most useful to everyone


WS3: Implementing the Global Vector Control Response

Chadwick Sikaala, Anne WilsonWork stream updates & Introduction of Task Teams

Task Team 1: Integrated Vector Management

Kallista Chan (LSHTM) - Suppressing the breeding of malaria vectors in African rice fields

Harrison Hardy (University of Greenwich) - The impacts of climate-adapted rice cultivation on malaria vector ecology

Task Team 2: Capacity and Collaboration

Edem Obum (PMI VL) - Applying a standardized, molecular entomology data labelling system in Ghana to effectively integrate into central DHIS2 database

Jo Lines (LSHTM) - Resilience Against Future Threats through Vector Control (RAFT) – a research program consortium

Task Team 3: Anopheles stephensi response

Sarah ZohdyIntroduction & Consensus statement

Helen Nwanosike (ISGlobal) - MESA landscape review

An. Stephensi Expert Panel discussion

Task Team 4: Vector control in humanitarian emergencies

Joe Lewinski (CRS), Dana McLaughlin (UN Foundation)Update on Roundtable Series on Reducing Malaria in IDPs and Refugees

Dana McLaughlin (UN Foundation) - UN Foundation Analysis: Assessing the Inclusion of Displaced Populations in Global Fund Applications 2020-2022

Expanded Vector Control Toolbox in Humanitarian Settings

Louisa Messenger (University of Nevada, Las Vegas) - Talk 1: Vector control for malaria prevention during humanitarian emergencies: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Salum Azizi (KCMUCo), Jovin Kitau (WHO Country Office, Tanzania)Talk 2: Laboratory and semi-field efficacy evaluation of permethrin-piperonyl butoxide treated blankets against pyrethroid-resistant malaria vectors

Richard Allan (MENTOR Initiative)Talk 3: Phase III study on Durable Wall Lining in Liberia


Session 3 - Roundtable Discussion and Optional Sessions

Roundtable Discussion - Projecting towards 2030 - the role of vector control in a new malaria landscape

New Nets Projects and Future Considerations

Field visit

Workshop between Vector Control & Multi-Sectoral Working Groups

Workshop report

Peter Kwehangana Mbabazi (MSWG) - Kampala Urban Malaria-Multisectoral view

Lucy Tusting (LSHTM) - Shaping the built environment for vector-borne disease control

Graham Alabaster (UNHabitat) - Critical elements of WASH infrastructure and their contribution to managing vector-borne diseases

Jo Lines (LSHTM) - Rice and malaria in Africa: exploring agriculture-health co-benefits

Corine Ngufor (VCWG), Peter Mbabazi (MSWG) - Break-out session