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Accra, Ghana
8-11 February 2023

General Information

Meeting Report

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     Joint Workshop VCWG & MSWG



List of Participants

MSWG-5 Brief Update

Feedback & Evaluation

Workshop between Vector Control & Multi-Sectoral Working Groups

Workshop report

Peter Kwehangana Mbabazi (MSWG) - Kampala Urban Malaria-Multisectoral view

Lucy Tusting (LSHTM) - Shaping the built environment for vector-borne disease control

Graham Alabaster (UNHabitat) - Critical elements of WASH infrastructure and their contribution to managing vector-borne diseases

Jo Lines (LSHTM) - Rice and malaria in Africa: exploring agriculture-health co-benefits

Corine Ngufor (VCWG), Peter Mbabazi (MSWG) - Break-out session


5th Annual Meeting of the Multi-Sectoral Action Working Group
Introductions, objectives, key updates

Graham Alabaster, MSWG - Overview of agenda and objectives for MSWG-5

Philippe Batienon, Marsha Deda, RBM - Update from RBM Partnership to End Malaria

Dr Abena Okoh, Health Service Accra Metropolitan, GhanaPartnership to end malaria: Accra Metropolitan Assembly Experience

Dr Onyeka Erobu, Senior Health Advisor, Freetown, Sierra LeoneMulti-sector Engagement for Public Health: The Transform Freetown Initiative

Work Stream Sessions
  • Workstream I: Healthy Cities, Healthy People (HCHP) initiative, Malaria in the urban context

Sarah Beeching, MSWGHealthy Cities, Healthy People: moving from political commitment to a framework for action

                                         - Healthy Cities, Healthy People Workshop and World Café

Report back to plenary - World Ca

  • Workstream III: The Pathfinder Endeavour

Erik Blas, Peter Mbabazi - Part 1: Introduction to the Comprehensive Multisectoral Action Framework – Malaria & Sustainable Development and the Pathfinder Endeavour

                                         - Part 2: Next steps

Submitted Abstracts
  • Work Stream I: Malaria in the urban context

Seth Irish (WHO GMP) - WHO initiative to stop the spread of Anopheles stephensi in Africa

Marion Natukunda (Ministry of Health-Uganda) - Heterogeneity of malaria in Kampala City, Uganda

Abdul Koroma (CRS-Sierra Leone) - Improving malaria programming in Freetown Sierra Leone through multisectoral approaches

  • Work Stream IV: The role of private commercial sectors in malaria

Sean Wilson (CCP-Guyana)Harnessing the private sector for malaria elimination in Guyana

  • Work Stream II: Agriculture and malaria

Muwoli Dokowe (CRS-Malawi) - Rice irrigation farming and malaria transmission in Karonga District, Northern Malawi

Kallista Chan (LSHTM, UK)Rice & Malaria in Africa: Suppressing the breeding of malaria vectors in rice fields

Harrison Hardy (University of Greenwich- UK) - Rice cultivation practices and malaria vector ecology: the need for cross-sector collaboration

Anastasia Isodje (Nigeria LNG, Ltd.) - Private Sector Partnership With Host Community to Achieve Malaria Elimination in Bonny Island

  • Work Stream V: Multi-sectoral messaging

Evelyn Johansen (CRS-Tanzania) - Malaria-Nutrition Integration in Tanzania using multi-sectoral approach

Leslie Chingang (CRS-Nigeria) - Preliminary findings from baseline studies in CRS Cameroon’s Malaria-HIV-Education multi-sectoral project

Panel Discussion: Mining Industries and Social Corporate Responsibility

Profiles of the panel and discussion questions

Wrap up work stream sessions