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COVID-19-Malaria Vector Surveillance
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RBM Vector Control in Human Emergencies 27 Sept 2019
VCWG presentations at ASMTH 2019
Vector Control Working Group (VCWG) ToR
Vector LearningXchange
Online Resource Exchange Network for Entomology (ORENE)
Innovative Vector Control Consortium (IVCC)
Larviciding to prevent malaria transmission
Larvivorous fish for preventing malaria transmission
Insecticide‐treated nets for preventing malaria
Piperonyl butoxide (PBO) combined with pyrethroids in insecticide‐treated nets to prevent malaria in Africa
Indoor residual spraying for preventing malaria in communities using insecticide‐treated nets
Insecticide space spraying for preventing malaria transmission
Mosquito repellents for malaria prevention
AGA Malaria and Public-Private Partnerships in Ghana’s Health Sector 2016 African Development Bank
Vector Control Humanitarian Emergency meeting report September 2017
Malaria EB128.R13
Rethinking Malaria Control “Wing Beats”, Vol.25, No.2 (Summer 2014)
Residual Transmission of Malaria: An Old Issue for New Approaches
A Research Agenda for Malaria Eradication: Vector Control PLOS Medicine, January 2011
A Research Agenda to Underpin Malaria Eradication PLOS Medicine, January 2011
VCWG-15 Preparation Booklet
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RBM VCWG Code of Conduct