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The spread of diseases like malaria, TB and Neglected Tropical Diseases is directly linked to sanitation, waste management urban infrastructure planning, yet mayors and local government leaders are rarely at the centre of national disease action plans.

COVID-19 has highlighted the vulnerability of urban communities to infectious disease, while rapid urbanisation and growth of informal settlements across many countries is driving concerns about rising rates of vector borne diseases including malaria and dengue. Lack of access to basic services has a significant impact on resilience to these diseases as well as future pandemics.

Healthy Cities, Healthy People aims to put city and local government leaders at the heart of national and global health debates, calling for more political support and resources to be directed towards healthy urban centres while also enabling information, experiences and best practices to be shared among mayors and municipal leaders.

On 23 November 2021, Healthy Cities Health People launched A Common Position and Commitment to Action, supported by mayors, local government leaders and global partners from around the world. City and urban leaders and supporting organizations are very welcome to join and support this initiative.