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Tue, 14-4-2020

A virtual workshop led by the Global Health Network in partnership with the Malaria Consortium.

There are some specific questions and concerns that arise around Malaria and an increase in cases of COVID-19. These are about what possible implications there might be in terms of co-infection and whether having parasitemia present might worsen COVID-19, or whether COVID-19 could worsen malaria outcomes. Or could there even be a protective factor?

Could widespread COVID-19 across a community have an impact on the burden of malaria through, for example, weakening the immune system? Another key concern is the more broader question of the impact on malaria if healthcare systems are overwhelmed by managing COVID-19.

What can be done now to plan for this, what could be done and what are the major concerns? What are the different concerns and implications presented by falciparum and vivax in different areas? What are the relevant research questions that could be addressed?