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Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Mon, 28-11-2011

General Information

Minutes of the 2nd Meeting of the Outdoor Malaria Transmission Work Stream


  1. Tasks of the meeting
  2. Repellents as added control measure to long lasting insecticidal nets to target the residual transmission in southeast Asia: a step forwards to malaria elimination
  3. Evening Activities of Jaray ethnic minority, O’Yadoa district, Rattanakiri province
  4. The TRAC Study
  5. Assessment of the feasibility, acceptability and field efficacy of personal protection measures for outdoor transmission of malaria among specific at risk groups in Cambodia
  6. Operational Research in Vector Control
  7. False positive circumsporozoite protein ELISA
  8. The Malaria Knowledge, Treatment-seeking Behaviours and Preventive Practices among Mobile & Migrant Populations in Cambodia based on a Respondent Driven Sampling Approach
  9. Need for Additional tools
  10. ITNs, IRS,… Do we miss something???
  11. Vector Distribution in Thma Da, Pursat Province, Cambodia