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Bangkok, Thailand
Mon, 25-3-2013 - Tue, 26-3-2013

General Overview

Meeting agenda

List of participants


M. Coosemans - Residual malaria transmission, an increasing challenge

M. Coosemans - Update and plans for 2013

M. Macdonald - WHO Global Malaria Programme Update

M. Vargas - MOMTN Terms of Reference & Modus Operandi

Objectives of MOMTN

Workstream Update and Plans 2013

S. Nambanya - Malaria in Laos

Meeting Conclusions

Outdoor Transmission in Thailand

T. T. Kyaw - Malaria in Myanmar

T. Sochantha - Malaria in Cambodia

Vu Duc Chin - Malaria in Vietnam

Wu Chao - Malaria Control Yunnan Province China