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RBM Partnership Board to Convene in Abu Dhabi

The RBM Partnership will host its 7th Board Meeting in Abu Dhabi from 16-17 November 2017, with generous support from the UAE Crown Prince Court. The Board meeting will consider, inter alia, the draft RBM Partnership Strategic Plan 2018-2020, governance matters, private sector engagement, and the 2018 work plan with budget.

The RBM Partnership Board meeting will be held immediately after “Reaching the Last Mile: Mobilizing together to eliminate infectious diseases” conference, which will convene global health leaders focused on accelerating the elimination of deadly infectious diseases, such as polio and malaria, and preventable NTDs, such as Guinea-worm disease and River Blindness. RBM Board Chair and several Board members will speak at the event’s session “Ending Malaria: What Will It Take?”.

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