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RBM SMERG Community Health Committee (CHC): Progress and future plans

ProfRichard provided an update on the progress and future plans of CHC. He reminded participants that CHC was a remit from the 32nd SMERG action item, “Optimizing the role of community health workers in rollout of malaria service delivery, and malaria surveillance.” The co-chairs are Richard 15 Maude (MORU/APMEN) and Luigi Nuñez (PSI), with 19 members, and it was established in September 2021. The former co-chair was Debra Prosnitz (ICF) until March 2022. Five meetings have been held so far. Richard restated the vision, aims, and approach of CHC. CHC is currently working on two action items: identify groups working on CHWs and SME, both in the malaria space and other/integrated programming, and contribute community-level SME information to a broader audience. The future plans are to hold the next meeting in early June 2022, increase involvement from other regions, finalize and disseminate the Asia-Pacific landscaping review and survey report, broadly disseminate the CHW SME landscaping survey and produce a report for wide dissemination, generate and share research summaries, and plan next steps toward guideline development.. Richard Maude, MORU APMEN

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