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Tue, 12-2-2019

The 20th Annual MiP WG Meeting provided an opportunity for country representatives from both malaria control and reproductive health programs, donors, researchers and implementing partners to share the most up to date information and experiences including best practices and lessons learned.  The 20th meeting focused on key areas relevant to the acceleration and scale-up of MiP interventions: comprehensive ANC service delivery, quality of care, community engagement and SP stock management.  Through country panel and round table discussions the WG identified existing challenges and new opportunities to help propel MiP programming efforts forward that will contribute to increasing access and coverage.


1. Share, disseminate and discuss updates on key recommendations for MiP programming
2. Share, disseminate and discuss key country practices and models of innovation that are helping to improve coverage of MiP interventions
3. Share, disseminate and discuss innovative practices that are or have the potential to contribute to improving MiP coverage
4. Share, disseminate and discuss new MiP research and implications for MiP programming
5. Discuss WG strengths, weaknesses, threats and opportunities to help inform work plan priorities


General Information

MiP WG 20th Annual Meeting Agenda

Meeting Report

Participant List

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Day 2
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