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  1. Updates from The DHS Program. Cameron Taylor
  2. Introducing the SMC M&E Sub-Group. Charlotte
  3. 32nd SMERG Meeting – CRSPC RolesDaddi J Wayessa (MD, MPH)
  4. IRS indicators taskforce update. David Larsen
  5. Case Management Working Group Update. CMWG Co-Chairs, Elizabeth Juma & Larry Barat
  6. Multi Sectoral Working Group UpdateMSWG co-chairs, Peter Mbabazi & Graham Alabaster
  7. Vector Control Working Group UpdateVCWG co-chairs Keziah Malm & Justin McBeath
  8. MiP AT A GLANCE. Molly
  9. SMERG Structure Optimizing SMERG operations. Molly
  10. Social and Behavior Change Working Group. Bolanle Hunter
  11. SRWG for RBMRichard J Maude SRWG Co-Chair