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NMCP Operational Surveillance Tracker/Surveillance Practice and Data Quality (SP&DQ) Committee: Progress and future plans

General update/RBM dashboards Arantxa Roca Felter, Malaria Consortium and co-chair SP&DQ Committee  Candrinho Baltazar, NMCP Mozambique and co-chair SP&DQ Committee ( Selgün Kayaalpli, SP&DQ Secretariat

This was a comprehensive presentation by the co-chairs of the SP&DQ Committee. The SP&DQ Committee co-chairs provided the review of the overall objectives of SP&DQ Committee. This was followed by the presentation of the SMERG SP&DQ Committee progress that showed 100 percent achievements in the establishment phase, the publication of the RBM SMERG SP&DQ Newsletter, and the Malaria Routine Data in Action Webinar Series. The committee has also achieved 75 percent in the surveillance projects dashboard and 25 percent in the NMCP Operational Surveillance Tracker. The co-chairs presented on the NMCP Operational Surveillance Tracker, which is made up of 29 questions. Participants were updated on the feedback collected so far and on the next steps, which will focus on reviewing the checklist and indicators and ranking exercise based on NMCP feedback.

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