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US$ 3 Billion Secured for Malaria Efforts through the Global Fund

The RBM Partnership to End Malaria commends all partners and committees, especially Country and Regional Support Partner Committee (CRSPC), for supporting countries in mobilising resources through the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. Thanks to RBM’s technical support, over 50 countries have submitted successful applications to the Global Fund, thus securing approximately US$3 billion for malaria control and elimination.

By the end of the first three application windows in August 2017, over 95% of malaria applications (55) have been submitted and reviewed by the Technical Review Panel (TRP). Only nine country proposals were outstanding, with five scheduled for submission in the fourth window in February 2018. Over 90% of the malaria applications were submitted in the first two windows, allowing sufficient time for countries to prioritise grant-making efforts to prevent any break in implementation in 2018. Of the 55 country applications, 95% have gone through to grant making, with just three in iteration.

The RBM Partnership has supported countries through organising orientation and mock TRP workshops that played a key role in the success of their applications. Two rounds of orientation and four rounds of mock TRPs in which 54 countries participated were held to review country draft applications. Additionally, RBM Partnership has been supporting countries during grant-making process to accelerate grant signature. In total, 29 countries have fully completed all the documentation required for grant-making. 58% of window 1 and 2 countries have completed the grant-making process and will be on track to implement their grants before the current ones expire at the end of the year.

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