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Nomination and Selection Pack for the RBM Partnership Board

Since 1998, the RBM Partnership to End Malaria (formerly Roll Back Malaria) has been central to the global fight against malaria. The past twenty years have seen tremendous gains in reducing the burden of disease and progressing towards malaria elimination.

The success of the RBM Partnership in harmonising partner action against malaria has enabled us to set an even more ambitious target: with the WHO Global Technical Strategy and accompanying RBM Action and Investment to defeat Malaria (AIM) setting our collective sights on a further 90% reduction by 2030; and the Global Goals for Sustainable Development under Target 3.3 calling on partners to “end” malaria. The expected cost to achieve these goals is currently estimated at ~$100 billion, setting us an equally ambitious resource mobilisation challenge to meet these targets.

After a two-year period of broad consultation and Board review and discussion, RBM has established a new, more robust structure that takes advantage of the tremendous skill, energy and effectiveness of its many partners and to move conclusively into a new era that will take action to realise the vision of a world free of malaria. This included a new Partnership Board of up to 15 individuals selected to contain enhanced levels of skills and experience at a senior decision-making level and representation from across the Partnership, including malaria-affected countries, private sector, entities outside the malaria and health sectors, civil society and donors.

13 Board Members were initially selected and convened in April 2016, and an additional two in December 2016. The list of the current Board Members can be found here:

The RBM Board agreed at its 9th Meeting in April 2018 to undertake a process to identify suitable individuals to fill 1 seat, as per the Board Rotation Policy approved in November 2017. The goal is to appoint Board Members based upon their individual skills, capabilities, as well as on their personal and organisational networks and commitment to the Partnership.

This document provides an overview of the nomination and selection process for the RBM Partnership Board.

The deadline for receipt of nominations is 8 July 2018 with the nomination and selection process due to conclude on 31 July 2018.

A Nomination Form can be found in Annex 1.

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