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Malaria in Pregnancy Working Group - STRUCTURE 

Co-chairs of MiP WG

Two co-chairs will be elected from MiP WG membership. The Co-chairs will serve a two-year term and are limited to two consecutive terms. There is no limit on the number of non- consecutive terms a co-chair may serve. Elections will be held during the MiP WG Annual Meeting.

The Co-chairs will:

  •  Determine the strategic direction of the MiP WG
  • Develop, in collaboration with Task Force leads, as appropriate, and membership, a MiP WG workplan
  •  Assume responsibility for endorsing and facilitating, with assistance of the Secretariat, the implementation of the MiP WG workplan
  •  Convene General MiP WG meetings or General calls at least once every two months
  •  Endorse MiP WG meeting and call agendas and reports
  •  Foster coordination, dynamic interaction, and exchange among all members of the MiP WG and the RBM Partnership Coordinating mechanism, and other stakeholders as relevant
  •  Participate in the quarterly coordination meetings between the Working Group and Partner Committee Co-Chairs, chaired by the RBM CEO
  •  Represent the MiP WG to the RBM Board, the RBM Partner Committees and other working groups

MiP WG Coordinator

The MiP WG Coordinator will be housed by a member organisation with the capacity and resources to do so. The MiP WG Secretariat receives guidance from and works in close collaboration with MiP WG Co-chairs. In the event that no partner organisation is selected to be the MiP WG Coordinator, the responsibility shall be shared among partners.

The role and functions of the Secretariat are centered on coordination and communication and can be defined as follows:

  •  Organise the bi-monthly meetings or calls of the MiP WG and other special or ad hoc calls, as requested and appropriate, and provide appropriate services, including translation and note taking
  •  Prepare the agenda and relevant documents for bi-monthly and annual MiP WG meetings and calls
  •  Support the logistics for the MiP WG Annual Meeting
  •  Produce quarterly update on the MiP WG work for the RBM CEO
  •  Produce and distribute Annual Meeting reports
  •  Monitor and update the MiP WG page on the RBM Partnership website
  •  Update and maintain a database of members and contact information, and Promote year-round engagement of members by sharing best practices, resources, and success stories

Sub-Working Groups/ Taskforces

Sub-Working Groups/Taskforces may be established to work on specific issues of MiP workplan.

  •  Responsibilities are dependent on Sub-Working Group/ taskforce tasks.
  •  Co-chairs propose the creation of Sub-Working Groups /Taskforces




Dr Chonge Kitojo




Dr Julie Gutman


MiP WG Coordinator


Simret Habtezgi


Sub-working groups


  • MiP/SBC task force was formed in February, 2024