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Dr Chadwick Sikaala, Elimination 8 (E8), Namibia

Dr Anne Wilson, Liverpool School of Tropical Medicine, UK 


Working Group Secretariat
Dr Konstantina Boutsika, Swiss TPH, Switzerland

Next meeting: TBD


The objective of work stream is to support and facilitate the VCWG membership and partners in the implementation of the Global Vector Control Response 2017 – 2030 (GVCR), and in particular, its increased emphasis on integrated approaches to vector control.

The GVCR has four pillars of action:
·    Strengthen inter- and intra-sectoral action and collaboration
·    Engage and mobilize communities
·    Enhance vector surveillance, and monitoring and evaluation of interventions
·    Scale up and integrate tools and approaches

The activities of work stream will be based around these pillars, with a focus on enhancing vector surveillance and monitoring capacity, and supporting the evaluation of the linkages between entomological/surveillance data and epidemiological outcomes. The work stream also seeks to identify and provide opportunities for collaboration and sharing of best practice in Integrated Vector Management (IVM) and Insecticide Resistance Management (IRM). The GVCR calls for “better coordination and integrated action across sectors and diseases”. In support of this, work stream will seek to strengthen links with the housing and agricultural sectors through the collaboration with the Multi-sectoral Working Group.


VCWG work stream structure: Matrix




VCWG Work Stream Matrix 2021