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Mon, 22-3-2021 - Wed, 24-3-2021

The goal of the WiM2021 conference is to highlight the outstanding contributions of female scientists in the field, provide equal opportunities of participation to WiM from the early stages of their scientific career, and guarantee inclusiveness with a balanced participation of scientists from various countries.

The conference is organised into 10 scientific symposia covering diverse topics in the malaria field. Each session will feature 2 keynotes of 20 minutes each, including both an earlier career speaker and a speaker from a more established career stage, and 3 selected short talks of 10 minutes. In addition, the WiM conference will have a poster session and will include 2 workshops, on peer-mentoring and leadership, and a general assembly in which we will shape the future of WiM.

Registration for the conference is now open. It will remain open from February 1st until March 20th . The registration fee is 50 Euros. Attendance to the conference is open to everyone. A registration waiver will be available for low- and middle-income countries participants or students with limited funding.

Abstract submission IS NOW OPEN. It will remain open from February 1st until February 28 thAbstract submission is only available for women malaria scientists (If you are not already a member of the community, JOIN HERE

For more information, please visit the website of the WiM2021 Conference