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World Malaria Report 2022

Each year, the World Malaria Report spotlights progress and gaps in efforts to combat malaria across the globe. This year’s report is organized around four themes: response, risks, resilience and research. Malaria-affected countries continue to respond to a host of challenges, including disruptions arising from the COVID-19 pandemic. Although hard hit, most countries held the line and were able to maintain services to prevent, detect and treat malaria - a remarkable feat in the midst of a pandemic. Nonetheless, more than 600 000 people still die of malaria every year – most of them children. Even with the heroic efforts to maintain services during the pandemic, malaria control efforts face many hurdles in addition to the already significant COVID-related disruptions and other health system challenges, including long-running humanitarian crises, limited donor funding, and the potential effect of climate change on the spread of the disease.

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