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Lyon, France
Thu, 2-2-2012 - Fri, 3-2-2012

General Information

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants


Background & Objectives

John Gimnig - Assessing the Durability of Long Lasting Insecticidal Nets: On-going Monitoring and Research in 8 PMI Countries

Albert Kilian - Textile Testing Methods for Nets: Summary of available field data

Jo Lines - LLIN durability

Abraham Mnzava - LLIN Testing and WHO Position

Albert Kilian - Measurement of Net Durability in the Field: Current recommended methodology

Ana Paula - Possible new tests, results, strengths and weaknesses

Marc Dedieu - Textile Testing Methods for Nets

Ole Skovmand - Influence of knitting pattern, square meter weight and denier. Model test for making stronger nets

Hartmut Haid - Possible new tests, results, strengths and weaknesses

Summary: Durability of mosquito nets and testing methods

Summary of Day 1

Summary of Day 2