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Thirteenth annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group

07 - 02 - 2018 to 09 - 02 - 2018
Moevenpick Hotel, Geneva, Switzerland


The thirteenth annual meeting of the VCWG counted 270 partners from national vector-borne disease control programs, industry, international and bi-lateral development organizations, NGOs, academic and research institutions based in 48 countries worldwide. Over two and a half days, the meeting aimed to refine the priorities of the workstream and focused on developing the two-year work plans for collective action to meet the challenges of vector control. The diversity of the VCWG provides a unique platform to build capacity, develop and deploy tools and strategies for a sustained and broad-based global response to vector-borne diseases.

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Meeting Agenda

Thirteenth Annual Meeting Report

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Meeting Report
Meeting Agenda
List of Participants
Jacob Williams: Meeting objectives
Jan Kolaczinski: GMP initiatives on malaria entomology and VC
Summary of WHO guidance relevant to entomology and vector control
Kesete Admasu: The new RBM 2017 and beyond
Konstantina Boutsika: Agenda VCWG-13
Presentation: Marion Law - Overview PQT-VC
Ahmad Raeisi: About PIAM
Chadwick Sikaala: About E8
Christina Rundi – Jeffrey Hii: About APMEN
Prosper Chaki: About PAMCA
Wayne Gale: About AMCA
Hannah Koenker – Lena Lorenz: LLIN priorities work stream
Marc Hoppe: IRM IRS work stream
Silas Majambere – Ulrike Fillinger: LSM work stream
Steve Lindsay – Lucy Tusting: Housing work stream
Horace Cox: VBD control and elimination in Guyana
Muhammad Mukhtar: VBC control and elimination in Asia
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