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The Fifth WARN annual meeting

09 - 02 - 2005 to 23 - 02 - 2005

The fifth WARN meeting was held in Cotonou, 9-11 February 2005 and was attended by 20 participants from the following institutions: RBM Secretariat, WHO AFRO Malaria Intercountry team for the West African bloc, WHO Benin, UNICEF WCARO, ROAPAG, Plan International, MSH, JHU/HCP, Malaria Consortium, NetMark, Vestergaard Frandsen and SANOFI. The objectives of the meeting were: to report on the implementation of the 2004 plan of action and to share experience on the implementation of integrated strategies EPI-ITNs, ANC+ ITNs, IMCI and C-IMCI/ community based interventions and ITNs and to finalize and adopt the 2005 plan of action.

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