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Eighth annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group

28 - 01 - 2013 to 30 - 01 - 2013
Geneva, Switzerland


Over three days, the Eighth annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group at the Roll Back Malaria Partnership (RBM) spotlighted the latest evidence on effective malaria vector control management and provided RBM partners with a platform to develop plans for supporting effectively country efforts in 2013. Topical issues for discussions include capacity building for indoor residual spraying (IRS), insecticide resistance and entomological management.

General Information

Meeting Report

Meeting Agenda

List of Participants

Communique of the Meeting


Michael Macdonald - Welcome

Jo Lines - Objectives and Agenda

Robert Newman - Update from the Global Malaria Programme

Konstantina Boutsika - Budget Update & Website

Michael Macdonald - Lessons Learned

Jason Peat - Lessons learned

Tom McLean - IVCC

Christian Lengeler and John Gimnig - Optimizing Evidence for Vector Control

J Hemingway & M Coetzee - Insecticide Resistance Workstream 2012

Marc Coosemans & Dr Chusak Prasittusuk - Outdoor Malaria Transmission Work Stream: update 2012 and plans

Jayne Webster & Kojo Lokko - Continuous LLIN Distribution Systems Work Stream Update 2012 and plans

Albert Kilian - Work Stream: Durability of LLIN in the Field: Update 2012 and plans

Shiva - Indoor Residual House Spraying Work Stream

Lucy Tusting - Larval Source Management Work Stream Update and plans

Raman Velayudhan - Integrated Vector Management and entomological monitoring- updates and plans


Chang Moh Seng - APMEN Inventory of Information and Guidance Documents on Larviciding for Malaria Control, Especially in Elimination Environments

Chang Moh Seng - APMEN Survey of Vector Control Activities and Capacities in APMEN Country Partners: Implications for Elimination

Inigo Garmendia - New tools to improve IRS applications

Kamaraju Raghavendra - A novel insecticide molecule for management of insecticide resistance in major malaria vectors in India

Lisa Woods - South Sudan Community-based LLIN Continuous DistribuLon Pilot in Lainya County

Muhammad Mukhtar - Assessment of Community Acceptance and Preferences for Different WHOPES-Recommended Brands of LLINs in Pakistan

Muhammad Mukhtar - Community awareness, perceptions for using LLINs and factors influencing their efficacy for malaria control in Pakistan

Tessa Knox - Online interactive platform for mapping reports of insecticide resistance in malaria vectors

Tessa Knox - PAMCA


Insecticide Resistance

Outdoor Malaria Transmission

Continuous LLIN Distribution Systems

Durability of LLIN in the Field


Larval Source Management

Optimizing Evidence for Vector Control Interventions

Entomological Monitoring and Integrated Vector Management (IVM)

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