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7th CMWG meeting

05 - 03 - 2013 to 07 - 03 - 2013
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7th CMWG meeting - Agenda
7th CMWG meeting - List of participants
7th CMWG meeting - photo gallery
Presentation: P Kachur - Introduction
Presentation: L Barat - Diagnosis Work Stream Update
Presentation: L Barat on behalf of M Pacqué - Inventory of IMCI training and supervision tools in PMI countries
Presentation: V Dacremont - WHO Informal Consultation on fever management in peripheral health care settings: a global review of evidence and practice
Presentation: D Schellenberg - Operational experience with RDTs in the private sector
Presentation: T Shewchuk - RDTs in the private sector, PSI experience
Presentation: S Mashaire - Malaria Case Management in Zimbabwe: Successes and Challenges
Presentation: S Juana Smith - Country experiences: Sierra Leone
Presentation: S Xueref - Update from the Pharmacovigilance Workstream
Presentation: S Xueref - Sources of pharmacovigilance data: current developments in WHO
Presentation: C Pace - The ACT Consortium and the centralized drug safety repository
Presentation: S Duparc - Pharmacovigilance – Cohort events monitoring studies
Presentation: S Meek - Update from the Drug Resistance Management Work Stream
Presentation: A Bosman - Update of artemisinin resistance and its containment efforts
Presentation: S Meek - Summary of Joint Assessment of artemisinin resistance containment and Australia Malaria 2012 Conference
Presentation: S Downey - Update from the Access workstream
Presentation: P Grewal - Supporting uptake of newly available WHO recommended treatments
Presentation: M De Smet - Artesunate injections as treatment for severe malaria Practical aspects
Presentation: P Olumese - Seasonal Malaria Chemoprevention and its implication for case management
Presentation: M Cutler - Semi-synthetic Artemisinin and global ACT availability over the next years
Presentation: M Msellem - Country experience: Zanzibar
Presentation: D Achu - Country experience: Cameroon
Presentation: H Jackou Djermakoye - Country experience: Niger
Presentation: P Olumese - Support to countries for transition and integration of the AMFm into the New Funding Model of the GF
Presentation: A Court - Scaling up malaria diagnosis and treatment in the private sector
Presentation: F Pagnoni - Rapid Access Expansion of Integrated Community Case Management of malaria, pneumonia and diarrhes RAcE 2015
Diagnosis Work Stream Work Plan
Pharmacovigilance Work Stream Work Plan
Drug Resistance Work Stream Work Plan
Access Work Stream Work Plan