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7th Annual Meeting of the Case Management Working Group

05 - 03 - 2013 to 07 - 03 - 2013

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P. Kachur - Introduction

L. Barat - Diagnosis Work Stream Update

L. Barat on behalf of M. Pacqué - Inventory of IMCI training and supervision tools in PMI countries

V. Dacremont - WHO Informal Consultation on fever management in peripheral health care settings: a global review of evidence and practice

D. Schellenberg - Operational experience with RDTs in the private sector

T. Shewchuk - RDTs in the private sector, PSI experience

S. Mashaire - Malaria Case Management in Zimbabwe: Successes and Challenges

S. Juana Smith - Country experiences: Sierra Leone

S. Xueref - Update from the Pharmacovigilance Workstream

S. Xueref - Sources of pharmacovigilance data: current developments in WHO

C. Pace - The ACT Consortium and the centralized drug safety repository

S. Duparc - Pharmacovigilance – Cohort events monitoring studies

S. Meek - Update from the Drug Resistance Management Work Stream

A. Bosman - Update of artemisinin resistance and its containment efforts

S. Meek - Summary of Joint Assessment of artemisinin resistance containment and Australia Malaria 2012 Conference

S. Downey - Update from the Access workstream

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