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Bangkok, Thailand
Wed, 27-3-2013 - Thu, 28-3-2013

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  • Cambodia: Role of Outdoor Control to Contain MDR
  • E. Chrstophel and P. Ringwald - Update Artemisinin Resistance
  • M. Coosemans and L. Durnex - Residual Malaria Transmission
  • Study Designs for Interventions
  • Discussion
  • Expert Review on Repellents
  • J. Hii - Good Practices of LLIN for Outdoor
  • M. Macdonald - Update on Technologies for Outdoor
  • M. Nakamura - Best Practices Malaria in Myanmar
  • M. Besnier - Insect Shield
  • Roles of Partners for Outdoor Transmission
  • Session V: Feedback from the Countries
  • Session V: Role of Outdoor transmission control to contain and eliminate multidrug resistance foci in Mekong countries
  • S. Nambanya - Best Practices Malaria in Laos
  • Steven Bjorge - Role of Outdoor Control and Eliminate MDR Cambodia
  • Best practices to control outdoor malari: Thailand
  • Containment of Drug Resistance in Thailand
  • T. T. Kyaw - Best Practices to control outdoor malaria transmission in Myanmar
  • Tho Sochantha - Achievements of NMCP 2012
  • WHO and GMP: Global Fund Support for Artemisinin Resistance Initiative
  • Wu Chao - Best Practice Yunnan Province