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5th Annual Meeting of the Case Management Working Group

27 - 07 - 2011 to 28 - 07 - 2011

General Information

Meeting Agenda

RBM Objectives and targets

Background, Objectives, Expected Outcomes

Please have a look at Related Materials for more information.

Related Material: 
5th CMWG meeting - Agenda
Presentation: RBM Objectives and targets
Presentation: Background, Objectives, Expected Outcomes
Presentation: CMWG Progress and CMWG Processes
Presentation: Drug Resistance Management Work Stream Progress
Presentation: Diagnosis Workstream Progress Update
Presentation: Good Practices for Selecting and Procuring Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Malaria
Presentation: M&E Work Stream Progress Update
Presentation: Diagnosis and Treatment Indicators
Presentation: Expanding Access to Treatment / Service Delivery Workstream (A Cross Cutting Issue in Case Management): Progress Update
Presentation: New WHO Policies and Structures
Presentation: Update on AMFm from AMFm Workstream of the Harmonization Working Group
Presentation: AMFm implementation – Zanzibar experience
Presentation: Cambodia AMFm Update
Presentation: Implementation of AMFm in Nigeria and the Challenges
Presentation: AMFm, Kenyan Experience
Presentation: Update on Intermittent Preventive Treatment of Children (IPTc)
Presentation: The Global Plan for Artemisinin Resistance Containment (GPARC)
Presentation: Procurement & Supply Chain Management Working Group Overview
Presentation: CMWG Key Issues and Priorities post 2011
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