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Country Advisory Board

MiP WG Country Advisory Board

Overview of the Country Advisory Board (CAB)

  • The Country Advisory Board (CAB) is an initiative of MIP WG; established in 2021
  • Overall aim: to improve outcomes in MiP and enhance partnership and collaboration among member countries
  • Membership is rotational among countries 
  • Pioneer group includes: Nigeria, Ghana, Sierra Leone, Uganda, Burkina Faso and Burundi

Role of CAB

  • Work with MiP WG Co-Chairs to ensure country level input into WG workplan, strategy, meeting agendas, etc.
  • Serve term of 2 years, which may be renewable for another 2 years
  • Represent country perspective in WG discussions, planning and strategy development
  • Create their Regional Network of countries
    • Hold quarterly meetings with network of countries; share learning resources and collectively address challenges
    • Create opportunities for collaboration/leveraging support from each other



Regional Networks

  • Each of the 6 countries on the CAB have established their regional networks
    • Consist of countries in their regions
    • Minimum of 3, maximum of 5 countries in a network
  • Language was considered in the choice of countries that make up a network
    • Quarterly meetings with a debrief during MiP WG Board Meeting
  • Enhance a quick two-way feedback mechanism
  • Country network members encouraged to attend MiP teleconferences, WG meetings, etc






MiP WG Country Advisory Board Members


  • Frédéric Guigma (Burkina Faso),Jane Nabakooza (Uganda),Sattu Issa (Sierra Leone),Mildred Komey (Ghana),Chanelle Muhoza (Burundi),Nnenna Ogbulafor (Nigeria)