Archived | Right Approach, Right Time

Archived | Right Approach, Right Time

Acting Leader
Dr Ian Boulton   TropMed Pharma Consulting, United Kingdom

The work stream Right Approach, Right Time in Case Management currently focuses on the six following problems:

1. Countries need to change rapidly 1st-line therapy when resistance exceeds WHO guideline thresholds but are not always prepared. Potential solutions include:

  • Collecting current guidelines to identify countries that do not have back-up regimens in place.
  • Collecting experience where possible on putting in place back-up regimens.
  • Position paper on need, challenges, and how to overcome challenges, based on the above.

2. Many different forms of chemoprevention (SMC, IPT) exist but only little is documented on experience, challenges, roadblocks, and how to overcome them. Potential solutions include collecting experience of introducing and running chemoprevention programmes and a position paper on experience and learning.

3. Plenty of guidance on how and when countries should move through the various stages of the pathway from control to elimination is available, but there is little documented experience. A manual should be developed to complement formal WHO Guidance on how to implement this guidance based on experience of countries (e.g. Sri Lanka) that have been through the various stages.

4. Many new tools in development but it is often difficult to know at what stage they are and what is their intended role. Experience of using these new tools is not always readily available. It is proposed to develop a database of new tools in development.

5. Advice and guidance on how to ensure that malaria is properly prevented/treated in emergency situations (Ebola-like, refugees, epidemics, etc.) based on guidelines available and in development is not always available.

6. Migrants spread malaria and have poor access to care. Experiences on how to engage with commercial Partners and cross-border case management need to be collected.

For more information, please have a look at the report of the 9th Annual Meeting of the CMWG.

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