Archived | Pharmacovigilance Work Stream

Archived | Pharmacovigilance Work Stream

Prof Alex Dodoo    WHO Collaborating Centre for Advocacy and Training in Pharmacovigilance, Ghana
Prof Paul Lalvani   Empower School of Health, India
Dr Shanthi Pal       WHO

The last few years have seen an increased and concerted effort by several global players including the World Health Organisation, the Roll Back Malaria Partnership and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation to provide the tools, interventions and resources needed to control malaria with a view to elimination and eradication as soon as feasible. One of the cornerstones of these campaigns is increased availability of good quality affordable artemisinin-based combination treatment (ACT) for the management of uncomplicated malaria. The aim is to ensure that ACTs are available to everyone who needs them in all settings. Such widespread deployment of ACTs needs to be accompanied by robust pharmacovigilance (PV) systems to assure patient safety.

The efforts of WHO’s Collaboration Centre for International Drug Monitoring, the Uppsala Monitoring Centre (UMC) need to be complemented by those of other partners in order to raise the needed funds and provide the expected advocacy and technical assistance to ensure optimum development and deployment of PV systems in countries where ACTs are being rolled out on a large scale.

Until December 2012 Pharmacovigilance Workstream was a part of RBM Procurement and Supply Chain Management Working Group (PSMWG). For further information, please refer to the Pharmacovigilance Work Stream Terms of Reference.

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