Archived | Improving the Quality of Case Management

Archived | Improving the Quality of Case Management

Acting Leaders
Dr Christian Nsanzabana   FIND, Switzerland
Dr Pierre Hugo                    MMV, Switzerland

The work stream on improving the quality of case management focuses on five topic areas, including severe malaria, algorithms for diagnosis of fever, quality control of malaria RDTs, resistance/pharmacovigilance, and quality improvement for malaria case management.

In severe malaria, there is a need for a landscape analysis and generating new information on rectal artesunate. It was discussed what support could be provided to countries that face challenges to adhere to WHO guidelines. It was also discussed how community and health facilities can be supported to identify severe cases and improve patient care from the community to health facility level. With respect to algorithms for diagnosis of fever, challenges around implementation issues were discussed as well as what kind of tests to use for malaria, given the issues with HRP2 deletion. The outcome of the discussion was to liaise with the RDT procurement taskforce, a group with the major procurement agencies. With respect to the quality control/assurance of malaria RDTs, there is a project of FIND and WHO to decentralize the lot testing program aiming at building capacity in national reference laboratories of malaria endemic countries for quality control of malaria RDT. On resistance and pharmacovigilance, there are 2 main points of discussion: capacity building for sequencing in endemic countries to detect molecular markers associated with resistance (project of CDC) and developing a target product profile for new combinations of existing drugs for seasonal malaria chemoprevention (project of MMV). On the topic of quality improvement for case management, it was discussed that the group should liaise with the GMP at WHO for the dissemination of available information because there are different models used in different countries.

For more information, please have a look at the report of the 9th Annual Meeting of the CMWG.

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