17th annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group

17th annual meeting of the Vector Control Working Group

General information

List of Participants

VCWG brief update


Session 1 - Updates from vector control community




Justin McBeath, Corine Ngufor - Welcome

Daddi Wayessa, Sara Gonzalez - Main achievements of RBM Partnership to End Malaria in 2021 and malaria dashboard

Jan Kolaczinski, Abdisalan Noor - Update on malaria vector surveillance, control and prioritization work

Marion Law - Updates from WHO Prequalification Team, Vector Control Product Assessment

Kate Kolaczinski Htin Kyaw Thu - The Global Fund’s support to vector control

Seth Irish - Vector Control updates from the U.S. President’s Malaria Initiative

Helen Jamet - Staying ahead of resistance and building transformative tools: a quick look at the BMGF malaria vector control portfolio

Foluke Olusegun - Supporting countries in local production and introduction of vector control commodities in Africa

Leo Braack - The role of the APLMA/APMEN Vector Control Working Group in Asia-Pacific



Session 2 - Charting the course for the VCWG work streams





Mary Kante, Allan Were - Designing the vision for the Enhancing the Impact of Core Interventions workstream: key updates, data, and opportunities to provide inputs for the annual meeting and task team planning

Sheila Ogoma, Allison Tatarsky - Expanding the Vector Control Toolbox work stream updates, launch of two new task teams on human behavior and LSM, and dialogue on new vector control paradigms

Chadwick Sikaala, Mark HoppéSupporting the Global Vector Control Response, (GVCR) workstream: Key updates, formation of  task teams on IVM, Capacity Strengthening And Anopheles stephensi threat, timelines for workplan development for task teams and inputs into annual meeting

Mary Kante, Allan Were - Break-out group 1: Enhancing the impact of core interventions (WS1)

Sheila Ogoma, Allison Tatarsky - Break-out group 2: Expanding the vector control toolbox (WS2)

Chadwick Sikaala, Mark Hoppé - Break-out group 3: Implementing the Global Vector Control Response (WS3)


Session 3 - Work stream 1: Enhancing the impact of core interventions




Mary Kante, Allan Were - Welcome participants, Meeting Overview, Introduction of Task Team Leaders, and Workstream vision

Session 1: Using data for the optimal selection of IRS and ITNs - National Malaria Program and donor experience and considerations

Facilitator: Sarah Burnett, Julia Mwesigwa, Christine Fornadel

Otubea Ansah, NMCP Ghana

Michael Kayange, NMCP Malawi

Lilia Gerberg, USAID/PMI

Kate Kolaczinski, Htin Kyaw Thu, Global Fund

Session 2: Technical updates Teams 1 & 2: Using data to inform optimal selection and deployment of Core Interventions  and Addressing biological threats

Facilitator: Sarah Burnett, Julia Mwesigwa, Christine Fornadel

Eliza Walwyn-Jones, CHAI

Roger Tine, UCAD, PMI Insights

Kunizo Mori, Mitsui

Christine Fornadel, IVCC

Mbituyumuremyi Aimable, Rwanda Biomedical Centre & Okefu Oyale Okoko, National Malaria Elimination Program, Nigeria

Session 3: Technical updates Teams 3 & 4: Capacity building, localization, and private sector involvement for sustainable vector control and Addressing non-biological threats

Samuel Asiedu, AGAMal & Chouaibou Mouhamadou, PSI

Edward Thomsen, I2I & Amanda McCoy, LSTM



Session 4  -  Work stream 2: Expanding the vector control toolbox




Sheila Ogoma, Allison Tatarsky - Introduction, scene setting, survey results

Theme: Larval source management

Jen Armistead, Prosper Chaki - LSM task team updates

Beena Bhamani - MESA Alliance LSM landscaping

Saraha Rabeherisoa - Madagascar LSM project

Lenson Kariuki - Community-based LSM, Kenya

Denis Kailembo - Community-based LSM, Tanzania

Theme: Human behavior, human centered design (HCD), and vector control

April Monroe - Human behavior task team updates

Ashley Riley - Updates on HCD workshops

Prisca Oria - Incorporating human behavior in vector control research: AEGIS project 

Felisbela Materrula, Caroline Jones - Incorporating human behavior in vector control research: BOHEMIA project

Lina Finda - African conversations about gene drive for malaria elimination

Theme: Research updates on innovative vector control

Franck Adama Yao - Updates from the first release of GM males in Burkina Faso as part of Target Malaria

Michal Gez -  Updates on ATSB

David McIver - Updates on Project BITE to evaluate new bite prevention tools in the Asia Pacific



Session 5 - Work stream 3: Implementing the Global Vector Control Response




Mark Hoppé - Welcome and introduction

Lucia Fernandez Montoya, Rajpal Singh - New WHO procedures and discriminating concentrations for monitoring resistance in adult mosquito vectors 

Leo Braack - An introduction to ORENE

Frederik Seelig - Updates from the Global Vector Hub 

Justin McBeath - Feedback from the VCWG’s An. stephensi meetings, and proposed response

Nana Aba Williams / Helen Nwanosike - MESA – An. stephensi ‘deep dive’

Mark Hoppé - IRM MOOC update

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